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The Xenophile Historian

Canada   United States, 50 stars

The Anglo-American Adventure


(and malcontents)

Chapter 1: Native America (Before 1607)
Chapter 2: Colonial America (1607 to 1783)
Chapter 3: Pioneer America (USA 1783 to 1861, Canada 1783 to 1867)
Chapter 4: Industrial America (USA 1861 to 1933)
Chapter 5: Pax Americana (USA 1933 to 2008)
Chapter 6: The USA Today
Chapter 7: The Great White North (Canada Since 1867)
Special Pages


Chapter 1: Native America

Before 1607

Part I

It Began With the Ice Age
"Five Hundred Nations"
The Mound Builders
The Cliff Dwellers
The March of the Inuit
Who Really Discovered America?
       The Egyptians
       The Chinese
       The Celts
       The Vikings

Part II

How Many Indians?
America's Forgotten History
The First English Explorations
The Conquistadors Who Drew the Map of America
The Seven Cities of Gold
The Cross and the Sword
Santa Elena
The Chesapeake Mission
The Ultimate Corsair
The Search for a Northwest Passage (continued)
The Lost Colony


Chapter 2: Colonial America

1607 to 1783

Part I

The Search for a Northwest Passage (concluded)
The Founding of New France
They Came on the Mayflower
New Netherland
Colonization: The Second Generation
New Amsterdam Becomes New York
The Last French Explorers

Part II

Colonial Growing Pains, Part 1
The Founding of Pennsylvania
The Importance of the Religious Element
The Lone Star Colony
Colonial Growing Pains, Part 2
Sideshows to European Wars
The French and Indian War
Pontiac's Rebellion
Causes of the American Revolution

Part III

The California Missions
"The Shot Heard 'Round the World"
Through the Cumberland Gap
From Fort Ticonderoga to Boston
The Declaration of Independence
The (British) Empire Strikes Back
Saratoga: The Turning Point
Valley Forge and the Battles for Philadelphia
On the Wild Frontier
Showdown at Yorktown
The Treaty That Ended It All


Chapter 3: Pioneer America

1783 to 1861 (USA), 1783 to 1867 (Canada)

Part I

Unfinished Business With the Tories
Canada Reaches the Pacific
The Articles of Confederation
The Writing of the Constitution
"First In the Hearts of His Countrymen"
John Adams at the Helm
Republicanism, Jeffersonian Style
The Lewis & Clark and Pike Expeditions
Aaron Burr Kills Hamilton

Part II

The War of 1812
       Preliminary Activities
       Campaigns of 1812
       Campaigns of 1813
       The Creek War
       Campaigns of 1814
       The Battle of New Orleans
The Era of Good Feelings
Adams Redux
Old Hickory's Democrats

Part III

Deep in the Heart of Texas
Old Kinderhook, Tippecanoe, and Tyler Too
The Canadian Rebellions of 1837
The Search for a Northwest Passage (revisited)
Westward Ho!
The Cheerful Forties
"From the Halls of Montezuma"

Part IV

Mormons, Doughfaces, and the California Gold Rush
The Free Soil Republicans
A House Divided
The Utah War and the Colorado Gold Rush
Meanwhile, North of the 49th Parallel
Early American Demographics


Chapter 4: Industrial America

1861 to 1933 (USA)

Part I

America's Most Difficult Years
       The Disunited States
       Choose the Blue or the Gray
       Campaigns of 1861
       Finding New Ways into the People's Pockets
       The Western Theater, 1862
       The Eastern Theater, 1862
       The Copperheads and Lincoln's Masterpiece
       The Western Theater, 1863
       The Eastern Theater, 1863

Part II

       The Western Theater, 1864
       The Eastern Theater, 1864
       Campaigns of 1865
       The End of the CSA
The Free State of Van Zandt
The Alaska Purchase, and the Only American Emperor
Grant and the Beginning of the Grand Old Party Era
The Brooks-Baxter War

Part III

The Panic of 1873, and the Barons of Wall Street
The South Restored, and the Worst Happy Hunting Grounds
The Great Railroad Strike
The Spoils System Kills the President
Grover the Good
"I Will Fight No More Forever"
The Great Barbecue
The Gay Nineties

Part IV

The Spanish-American War
Teddy and the Big Stick
Big Taft and the Bull Moose
Wilson the Reformer
World War I
       Part 1: Sitting It Out
       Part 2: Over Here
       Part 3: Rejecting the Peace

Part V

The Age of Normalcy Begins
The Roaring Twenties
The Great Depression
The Golden Age of Immigration


Chapter 5: Pax Americana

1933 to 2008 (USA)

Part I

First, an Explanation of the Title
The New Deal
New Deal II
Getting Out of the Depression--The Hard Way
The Gathering Storm
Pearl Harbor
World War II

Part II

The Country Boy From Missouri
Enter the Cold War
China, Korea, and the Pumpkin Papers
"I Like Ike"
Life in the 1950s

Part III

The "New Frontier"
Who Really Killed JFK?
The "Great Society"
Nixon Returns
"All the President's Men"

Part IV

Years of "Malaise"
The Reagan Renaissance
George Bush the Elder

Part V

The Clinton Scandals
Islamism on the Move
The Battle of the Ballots
George Bush the Younger
Angry Democrats, Drifting Republicans
Modern American Demographics
       Going South (and West)
       The Grey Generation
       The New Americans
       The Browning of America


Chapter 6: The USA Today

An Election Like No Other
The Incredible Expanding Government
       Federal Spending
       Federal Agencies
       Taxes and Regulation
       The Cabinet
From History to Current Events


Chapter 7: The Great White North

Canada Since 1867

Part I

The Story So Far
Early Canadian Politics, and the Mapleleaf Flag
The Original Provinces
The Red River Rebellion
British Columbia and Prince Edward Island Enter the Dominion
The Northwest Rebellion
The Laurier Years
The Klondike Gold Rush
Here Come Alberta and Saskatchewan
World War I, the Conscription Crisis, and the Unionists
The Mackenzie King Era
The Dominion of Newfoundland

Part II

Postwar Canada
The Conservatives Return From the Wilderness--But Not For Long
Pierre Trudeau, Part I
The Rise of Quebec Separatism
Pierre Trudeau, Part II
Neo-Conservatism, Canadian Style
Political Uncertainty in the 1990s
Recent Events
Canada Today


A Guide to U.S. Presidential Elections

The Black Muslims: A Special Feature

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